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Wiring Harness Manufacturing, Product Assembly, & Sourcing 

DSC Wholesale is the marketing divison for M.A Electronics Co., Ltd, our parent company for manufacturing mainly wiring harnesses along with certain additional PCBA production in Vientam. Quality and production capability is of the utmost importance. Our electronics components are found in products made by Toyota, LG, Sony, and many other high-end brands.

Products produced in Vietnam many times require additional accessories and components, and DSC has partnered with companies to produce bags and luggage in addition to our main electronics business. We can source from local suppliers at very competitive prices on products such as backpacks, bags, totes, and luggage, both high-end and promotional.

Our production of finished goods gives us a strong supply chain of plastic injection molders, metal bending, stamping, silicone molding, and powder coating factories in Vietnam. We can help your company produce various components here in Vietnam. We can produce products in a range of different materials to meet your needs.

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