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Bio Chips MBBR Media for Aquaculture Farms

Made In Vietnam, 100% Virgin PE resin, made to order

Contact Us To Inquire About Our Bio Chips. We can also do custom designed MBBR products based on your design.

Sales Team Direct Contact:

Direct Phone Line:

+1 7022353933 (Sam)

+84 703193187 (Robert)

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Our biochips are made of 100% virgin PE resin. The specification of our main product is:

  • 30mm diameter, 1.1m thickness

  • 5500 m2/cbm

  • 160kg per cubic meter

  • Highly durable virgin PE/HDPE material

  • Perfect for aquaculture farming and natural filtration systems.

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We can also produce customized MBBR Biofilter Media based on your design. If you send us a 3D file or CAD, our company can assist in mold design and get your own MBBR chip created in less than two weeks.


Production Information:​

  • Current capacity: 2 containers per month (can be increased based on customer demand.

  • Port of Export: Ho Chi Minh City (Vung Tau, Cat Lai Port)

  • Office Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • Factory Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • Raw Materials source: Korea, Saudi Arabia, TaiwanP


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