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Rice Husk Pellets From Vietnam
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DSC Wholesale can provide your company with ample amounts of rice husk pellets. Our pellets are primarily used as an alternative to coal and are becoming very popular as an export to Europe who is looking for alternative heat and energy sources.

Our pellets are 12mm diameter, and contain roughly 3800kcal per kg. They are 100% pure rice pellets and do not have any additives or starters.

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SGS Report For Rice Husk Pellets

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Jumbo Bag Packaging

The rice husk pellets are packed in 700kg jumbo bags (that measure approx 1.1 x 1 x 1m. They are designed to be stacked and can easily be loaded into a dry bulk ship.

Rice Husk Pellets must be packed in bags in order to prevent moisture from damaging the product. Our rice husk pellets are 100% plant-derived and do not contain any additives making them a very eco-friendly product that does not require mining land for resources.

Rice Husks: A Sustainable And Cleaner Burning Fuel

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Rice husk pellets are becoming an increasingly important product on the world stage for many reasons. 2022 became a turning point in its importance due to geopolitical turmoil around the world. Supply chains have shifted dramatically and alternative fuels that previously competed against coal, oil, and gas, are now becoming important as countries in Europe are unable to source fuel for heating and energy.

In addition to the increased demand for alternative heating sources for the 2022 winter season, Rice Husk Pellets also align well with eco-friendly global policy. Unlike coal which is a product of mining, rice husk pellets are produced from the discarded husk of rice. Rice husk pellets have similar caloric value to coal but produce significantly less harmful pollutants in both the burning and production- primarily sulfur in the air (when burned) and heavy metal runoff from mining operations.

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